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"Paranormalist" Spoon-Bender Sued

The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed suit against "paranormalist" Uri Geller (apparently also known as, according to the complaint, Uri Geller Freud), in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on behalf of Brian Sapient, a member of the "Rational Response Squad."  According to the complaint, Uri Geller is a well-known performer who claims to have psychic abilities that he apparently uses to, among other things, bend spoons with his mind.

Brian Sapient, as part of the Rational Response Squad's activities attempting to debunk what it contends are irrational beliefs and theories, posted a portion of a NOVA video called "Secrets of the Psychics" on YouTube that apparently challenged Geller's "performance techniques."  Geller responded by demanding that YouTube take down the video under the DMCA, which YouTube did.  It is not clear how much of the NOVA video was posted on YouTube but according to the complaint, only three seconds of the video is subject to a copyright owned by Geller or the company of which he is a director and controlling shareholder, "Explorologist Ltd."

The complaint alleges that Geller and Explorologist Ltd. misrepresented that the NOVA video infringed their copyright and seeks, among other things, a declaration of non-infringement.

To read a copy of the complaint check out the EFF's website.
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